Benefits of AppLock

What are you going to do if someone asks to see your phone? We have all been in this position in the past. We are using our phone, but then someone asks if they can see something on it. Maybe they just want to see what video you are watching, or the picture that you just took. It is a normal request, and it is not one that you should view as being odd. Friends ask to see each other’s phones all the time. Maybe your friend is thinking about buying a phone and they are worried about whether it is any good.

In either case, the fact that you are handing over your phone to someone unlocked may give you pause. And we think that you are having a very good reaction if you are feeling this way. We never want you to think as though you should trust someone completely. We want you to act as though you are taking a chance every time you are handing your phone. But the fact is that you do not have to take that chance anymore. You can unlock your front screen, hand someone your phone, and they could still barely access anything on it. How? We can show you.

What you are going to do is go on the app store and you are going to get AppLock. It is available on any Android phone, and you do not have to pay to install it on your device. You may be thinking that it is a gimmick app and it is not going to work. But you are mistaken. It is just as strong as the code you would have on your lock screen through the phone’s interface. What you are going to do is open up the app, and you are going to choose the files, folders and applications on your phone that you do not want anyone to be able to use but you.

What this does is ensure that if someone wants to use those things, they need to put in a password. And this makes a lot of sense. Just because you handed someone your phone does not mean you are allowing them to do whatever they want. Maybe you just want them to use the web browser, or you are only allowing them to use the caller. In either case, this app is going to protect everything else, even if your friend does not respect boundaries.


And you may think that it would get annoying to always enter a password when you want to access those folders or files on your own. But that is not the case. What you can do is only activate this application when you are outside, or you are taking your phone among a lot of people. Let us say you go to someone’s house for a party – you can activate the app as you leave your house or you are near the party. That way, you can use your phone normally when it is just you. But if you are among people, you have this safety net!